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Round-table discussion

  • Study abroad programStudying abroad is like a chef going to a culinary origin point to train
  • Academic activitiesParticipation in academic activities improves individual research
  • Company lifeEverything to make research easier
  • ParentingFlexible schedules to benefit employees and their families, with work styles that match different stages of life

Top message

Open communication

Open communication In order to bring about an as-yet unseen world, both improved researcher technical capabilities and open communication with parties outside the company are essential.

I encourage researchers to use work hours to present research papers, etc. at study and academic meetings, so that they can continue to heighten their own technical capabilities.

In addition, as a company philosophy, I take the initiative to utilize researchers who have a range of skills and backbone, building an environment conducive to the mutual exchange of knowledge and information.

From the perspective of increasing communication with parties outside the company, both the company and individuals actively interact with various external experts, through pan-industry social events and other occasions held on a regular basis.

I believe that these activities are aimed at using the stimulation and integration born from communication to generate new ideas, and that the broad accumulation of information available, because of its very openness, will lead to better decisions and results by the researchers who are employed.

Shibuya is a nexus of cutting-edge IT information and human resources. In order to best capitalize on this, I pay constant attention, so that DENSO IT Laboratory is an open research and development company.

President Masashi Kishimoto


Environment devoted to research

  • Active support for academic activities/study abroad/obtaining of PhD by working adults
    In order to discover new technology and grasp new trends, we actively encourage participation in academic conferences both within Japan and overseas. Researchers can of course give presentations on their own research, or participate in the conference without giving a presentation. Half of our researchers also participate in overseas conferences, and may be awarded prize money when they receive a commendation at these. We have trainee systems, in which some researchers are dispatched for up to two years to research institutions such as MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and NAIST, in order to further their training.We also have in place a support system for obtaining a PhD, and there are a number of researchers who attend graduate school while they work.
  • Communication
    We have researchers in a diverse range of technical fields, including image recognition, signal processing, control, and HMI. Technical discussions frequently become animated at lunches with a view that overlooks downtown Shibuya, or in front of the whiteboards scattered throughout the company. These daily discussions broaden the perspective of each employee.
    Every Thursday evening, we hold a technology presentation & discussion meeting over drinks, at which participation is voluntary. Exchanging information without the frame of specific research fields leads to the generation of new ideas, spurred by friendly competition between fellow researchers.
  • Work-life balance
    Our discretionary work system and telework system enable a flexible work style that matches each researcher’s own lifestyle. In addition to approaching their own research in their own way, being able to combine work with parenting and with their own interests provides our self-directed researchers with work-life balance.
  • Investment in the future FS20
    Feasibility Study 20% is an activity aimed at discovering future research themes. All researchers use 20% of their work to survey themes in which they have a particular interest. We hold wide-ranging, stimulating discussions on a regular basis with all researchers, in search of key technologies for future generations.
  • Office
    Our office is on the 28th floor of Cross Tower near Shibuya Station, a hub for ICT companies, and a place where we can encounter the latest information and culture. In addition, we focus our efforts on creating an open environment that contributes to better working conditions. This includes spacious workspaces, moderate partitions, a break room equipped with massage chairs, and free spaces containing musical instruments.

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