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Jobs and Application

  • Tasks associated with position

    As the staff researcher in charge of generating game-changing technology within the field of next-generation mobility (automobiles, etc.), the candidate will conduct research with the aim of making presentations at top conferences while also promoting product development at DENSO.

  • Applicant Field

    Candidates capable of using expert knowledge of information processing to conduct R&D into automobile systems and services for future mobility.

    Welcomed research and development fields

    Digital signal processing, image recognition, machine learning, pattern recognition, text mining, data mining, natural language processing, voice recognition, dialog, information searching, deep learning, optimization problems, Bayesian estimation, security.

  • Target Fields

    Current targets are focused on automobiles, and include sensing systems for ambient surroundings, image recognition, dialog, user interfaces, and control. We respect the autonomy of our researchers, and there are many themes that arise which researchers will find interesting or worth pursuing. In terms of the future, we view with great importance the technology surrounding connected cars and MaaS, both of which are essential for a cloud-based traffic society.

  • Employment Type

    Regular employee (contractual term: none)
    Trial period: Three months (no change in labor conditions. Paid holidays will be provided as normal.)

  • Work Location

    Headquarters: Shibuya (five minute walk from Shibuya station)
    Shibuya Cross Tower 28F, 2-15-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒150-0002

  • Form of Employment

    Discretionary work system

  • Salary

    Age 24, Yearly salary: Approx. 4,800,000 yen

    Age 27, Yearly Salary: Approx. 6,000,000 yen

    Age 30, Yearly Salary: Approx. 7,200,000 yen

    Age 35, Yearly Salary: Approx. 9,000,000 yen

    Age 40, Yearly Salary: Approx. 12,000,000 yen
    These are only examples, and actual salary will be commensurate with abilities and performance.

    Biannual bonus (July, December)
    Salary adjustments: once per year

  • Days off・Holidays

    121 days off per year:
    ・Saturdays and Sundays (however, during weeks when a public holiday falls on a weekday, Saturday may be treated as a normal working day)
    ・as many as 10 days each during Golden Week, Summer Vacation, and the New Year
    ・yearly paid holidays (10 days in first year, maximum of 20 days per year (days can be carried over from one year to next); special holidays

    *Paid leave, etc. Paid vacation days may also be used for illness, treatment of physical wounds, nursing of family members, or accompanying of family members on their medical appointments.

  • Welfare・Benefits

    ・Social Insurance Plan: Health, welfare pension, disaster;
    ・100% compensation for commuting costs;
    ・contract fitness club;
    ・leave for maternity, child-rearing, and family medical care;
    ・DENSO stock ownership;
    ・DENSO Group Comprehensive Security (life insurance), DENSO Group Automotive Insurance;
    ・DENSO, Toyota G health insurance facilities available;
    ・massage chairs, soft drinks (free), rest zone;
    ・up to three company parties per year, Telecommuting from home (five days per month), company compensation for academic conference costs, support for social gatherings every quarter, no dress code

  • Various Systems

    Incentive-based Renumeration Bounty System
    Awards from Academic Groups (70,000 yen), Ph.D. acquisition (70,000 yen), patent application and registration (10,000 yen for each), new hires who hold a doctorate upon joining the company will be paid a one-time bonus of 500,000 yen.

    Apprentice System
    For the purposes of human resource development, we dispatch employees as research fellows to research institutions in Japan and abroad for two-year periods. (Past examples: MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford University)
    English language training (Support for TOEIC Test registration fees), support for doctoral acquisition (100,000 yen per year, up to three times), DENSO employee training.

    Tech Salon
    Every Thursday evening, we offer an opportunity for technology presentations and discussions over drinks. Employees are free to participate or not. We are constantly thinking of new ways to invigorate information exchange, inter-researcher improvement, and generation of new ideas.

  • Company Characteristics

    ■Our company is a place where researchers can utilize their pastresearch content, while also consulting with others to discover new challenges. We recommend lifetime researchers, and treasure their expertise and passion.
    ■We emphasize the importance of academic activity to information transmission and the profound study of technology; we challenge ourselves to pursue research that will be accepted at top conferences. In addition, we actively encourage attendance at academic conferences as a way of catching up on the latest technological trends.
    ■By utilizing the strengths of the DENSO Group and collaboration with DENSO, we ensure that the results of our employees’ research are released into the world. We work on multiple research themes that exceed the framework of automobiles.
    ■We constantly seek to invigorate exchange between a diverse range of people and technologies, growth of researchers, and new systems that will lead to new ideas and discoveries. Discussions are carried out in a laid-back atmosphere, sometimes over drinks, with lively discussion and debate.
    ■Depending on the relevant research themes, researchers are assigned to different clusters, but actual work is not limited to those clusters or divisions. Through conversations between researchers and individuals, new themes that exceed the framework are born.

  • Contact Us

    Shibuya Cross Tower 28F, 2-15-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒150-0002
    DENSO IT Laboratory, Inc. Applicant contact
    Personal information collected by this company about applicants will not, except in cases determined by law or carried out with the consent of the subject, be used for any purpose other than that which is necessary to determine hiring.

Screening schedule

  • Entry
  • Document screening (1st )
  • Interview (2nd time)
  • Employment

*2nd: SHL suitability test and interview
Interview・・・Technology presentation and question & answer session. Interviewers are the President, CTO, and researchers in applicable fields.
Interview date and time: holidays are not available; 18:00 onwards available.